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For 15 years AIDS Treatment News was supported by subscriptions. But in 2003 more than 80% of our new subscribers could not pay, so we sent the newsletter free. Clearly we needs a different business model to continue this publication in the future.

So we are publishing free online, and asking those who can help financially to consider doing so. And we continue to sell print subscriptions for those who prefer that format.

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We are setting up a program for online volunteers. The goal is to organize teams who can assist AIDS Treatment News in several ways, including research, technical information, fundraising, and outreach to get our articles to those who need them.

We are exploring how to set up this program, and looking into what has worked for others. If you have suggestions, or might volunteer in some way, contact John S. James,

Please include the word "volunteer" in the subject line.

Permission to Copy

Unless otherwise stated in an article, you are free to distribute up to 1000 copies of any AIDS Treatment News article online within one year of its publication date, provided the article is reproduced in full, including our copyright notice and link to this page (OK to omit the line "Return to home page:"). You can write your own introduction or comments, provided our article is reproduced verbatim, and it is clear what we wrote and what we did not.

Please check with us before sending more than 1000 copies. We don't want royalties, but want to discuss to make sure the information is relevant before it goes to a very large list.

If you have any questions about permission, contact John S. James at: Please include the word "permission" in the subject line.

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