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Part 1, alphabetically by description

  1. 5th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, 19-22 July 2009
  2. Ask the experts, Johns Hopkins
  3. Ask the experts, The Body
  4. Congress - AIDS bills
  5. Drug facts (HIV and related, by FDA, includes pronunciations)
  6. Drug interaction checker (
  7. Español (recursos, AIDS InfoNet)
  8. Español (hojas informativas, AIDS InfoNet)
  9. Español (POZ -
  10. Glossary (Gay Men's Health Crisis)
  11. Glossary (San Francisco AIDS Foundation)
  12. Guidelines, U.S.
  13. HIV/AIDS Daily Reports (Kaiser)
  14. Internet Bookmarks for AIDS
  15. Medicaid info
  16. Medical journal sites
  17. Nutrition and exercise, HIV/AIDS (U.S. NLM)
  18. Nutrition and HIV (Tufts University)
  19. Nutrition info, AIDS Project Los Angeles
  20. Nutritional & Food Safety, HIV (AETC)
  21. Pharmaceutical company sites
  22. Prison HIV and hepatitis links (in AIDS Treatment News)
  23. Resource-limited settings: HATIP
  24. State health info incl. ADAP, Medicaid rules (note HIV/AIDS section)
  25. U.S. (Federal info)
  26. U.S. CDC, HIV/AIDS
  27. U.S. CDC NPIN (National Prevention Information Network)
  28. U.S. FDA, HIV/AIDS

Part 2, by organization or site name

  1. AAHIVM (American Academy of HIV Medicine) note "Find a Provider"
  2. Access to Medicine Index
  3. Achieve (download PDF of latest issue)
  4. ACRIA: AIDS Community Research Initiative of America
  5. (new, summer 2010)
  6. ACT UP New York (+videos, historical)
  7. ACT UP Philadelphia Blog (started April 12, 2009)
  8. ACT UP Philadelphia (+ other ACT UP links)
  9. Advocates for Youth
  10. AEGIS: AIDS Education Global Information System (2008 and 2009 searched)
  11. African Services Committee
  12. Aid for AIDS International (drug donations)
  13. AIDS Action
  14. AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, online library
  15. AIDS Connect - Chicago community
  16. AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  17. AIDS InfoNet (excellent fact sheets)
  18. AIDS Library (Philadelphia FIGHT)
  19. AIDS Policy Project
  20. AIDS Portal
  21. AIDS Research and Therapy
  22. AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition (ATAC)
  23. AIDS Treatment Data Network
  24. AIDS Treatment News
  25. AIDS Treatment News archival site
  26. AIDS Treatment News Daily Alerts
  27. AIDS-Free World
  28. Blog (on using new media)
  30. AIDS2031
  31. AIDSinfo (U.S. NIH)
  32. Aidsmap (UK)
  33. (POZ)
  34. amfAR (Foundation for AIDS Research)
  35. APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles)
  36. AVERT
  37. Balm in Gilead (African-American churches)
  38. BEBASHI (Blacks Educating Blacks..., prevention)
  39. BETA (Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS)
  40. Biomed Central: Infectious Diseases
  41. Black AIDS Institute
  42. CAPRISA - The Centre for the AIDS Program of Research in South Africa
  43. CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange)
  44. Center for AIDS Information & Advocacy, Houston (CFA)
  45. CHAMP (Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project)
  46. Changing Concepts in HIV Disease (for clinicians)
  47. Clinical Care Options HIV
  48. Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative
  49. Critical Path AIDS Project
  50. EurekAlert! (press releases on HIV)
  51. European AIDS Treatment Group (EATC)
  52. Family Health International
  53. Forum for Collaborative HIV Research
  54. Foundation for Integrative AIDS Research (FIAR)
  55. Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMGC)
  56. Global AIDS Alliance
  57. Global AIDS Alliance, Paul Zeitz blog
  58. Global Campaign for Microbicides
  59. Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
  60. Global Health Council
  61. Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise
  62. Global Network of People living with HIV (GNP+)
  63. Health GAP (Global Access Project)
  64. HIV & AIDS Treatment In Practice (resource-limited settings)
  65. HIV and
  66. HIV InSite (University of California San Francisco)
  67. HIV Medicine 2006 (free medical textbook)
  68. HIV Medicine Association
  69. HIV Treatment Bulletin (i-base, UK)
  70. HOPE - Helping Orphans by Providing Empowerment
  71. Houston Buyers Club
  72. HUD HOPWA (AIDS housing) Site
  73. Human Rights Watch, HIV/AIDS
  74. Hunger Strike for AIDS (China)
  75. IAVI Report (vaccines)
  76. IFARA Television Homepage (see Video Library for interviews)
  77. International AIDS Society
  78. International Rectal Microbicide Advocacy (IRMA)
  79. IRIN - HIV/AIDS (PlusNews), UN
  80. Johns Hopkins HIV Guide
  81. Joint Learning Initiative on Children and AIDS - JLICA
  82. Journal of the International AIDS Society
  83. Kaiser Family Foundation (AIDS resources)
  85. Mazzoni Center
  86. Michael Palm Basic Science, Vaccines & Prevention Project Weblog [TAG]
  88. Medibolics (lean body mass, lipodystrophy)
  89. Medscape HIV/AIDS (registration required)
  90. Merck Manual (of diseases) Home Edition for Patients & Caregivers
  91. Merck Manual for Healthcare Professionals
  92. MSF (Doctors Without Borders), global access
  93. National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP)
  94. National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA)
  95. National AIDS Housing Coalition
  96. National AIDS Strategy
  97. National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
  98. National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC)
  99. New York Buyers' Club
  100. Partners in Health
  101. Pediatric AIDS Foundation
  102. Philadelphia FIGHT
  103. Physicians for Human Rights, HIV/AIDS
  104. Positively Aware (TPAN)
  105. Positively Positive - Living with HIV/AIDS
  106. PoWeR (Program for Wellness Restoration, Nelson Vergel)
  107. POZ
  108. PozHealth (largest HIV/AIDS health discussion group online)
  109. (CHAMP)
  110. Project Inform
  111. Project-Ring (Japan, G8, Global Fund)
  112. Queenspeech
  113. Retroviruses Conference 2009 (partial)
  114. Retroviruses Conference 2008 (partial)
  115. San Francisco AIDS Foundation
  116. Search for a Cure
  117. Southern AIDS Coalition
  118. Survivorship A-Z, HIV/AIDS
  119. Think Positive (Lebanon)
  120. Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)
  121. Treatment Action Group, U.S. (TAG)
  122. The Access Project
  123. The Access Project (patient assistance programs; expanded access)
  124. The Body
  125. The Body PRO
  126. The Well Project (women and HIV)
  127. U.S. Military HIV Research Program
  128. U.S. NIAID news releases
  129. UNAIDS
  130. UNAIDS "HIV This Week"
  131. UNITAID
  132. Vaccine Research Center (NIH)
  133. Visionary Health Concepts
  134. Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Fact Sheets (US NIH)
  135. WE_ACT, Women's Equity in Access...
  136. WHO (World Health Organization, HIV/AIDS)
  137. Women and HIV/AIDS (at The Body)
  138. Women, Children, and HIV
  139. World AIDS Campaign (World AIDS Day, December 1)
  140. World Bank's HIV/AIDS work in Africa
  141. Worst Pills, Best Pills (Public Citizen)

Note: some of these sites are partly searched, to select the most recent and useful information.

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